I See You


‘Avatar’ by James Cameron. Fair use.

‘Whatever shade of brown or blue,

beneath your skin my eyes see you.’

This is seeing clearly, seeing wholly.

It is looking beneath the surface of sensory input and realizing the greater existence.

Mostly people see only the surface and live there.

In the surface world, there is always wanting, always the fear of having not enough.

The ‘me’ wants. To experience the ‘Eye’ and see the greater reality, the ‘me’ must let go of all wanting, all attachments.

If you let go of the Who, where wanting originates, you feel so nourished by the What that the mechanics of the surface become a disturbance. In the What, there is the inner room.

The inner room of presence, of contentment, needs no adornments as it is complete. The inner room radiates presence and nourishes the mind and body.

So it can be said truly, where God is the whole of existence,

‘Let go and experience God.’

by Emanate Presence

Emanate Presence web site


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