Our Vision of Humanity in Living Wholeness

Crack the egg and fly. Let go of the shell and spread your wings. You are timeless, borderless, boundless. The seven circles present the egg of life, the material of undeveloped opportunity. It is you who will shape it.


What does ‘Living Wholeness’ mean to you?

Living wholeness is a vision each person can hold for the chosen possibility of humanity. One aspect of my vision is that every human who chooses, is in harmony with themselves, with others, with the earth and all its inhabitants.

It is a choice to see oneself honestly, recognize aspects of the self that are fragmented, immature or out of balance and to open to the highest reaches of being a whole person.

It is bringing one’s vision of wholeness into every thought and action, from the quality of attention given to typing text on a computer keyboard to making difficult choices from a perspective that considers all involved, a perspective of evolution – a perspective of the whole.

As an example, an employer who provides healthcare will consider not only the patients or clients who are the source of income, but will face honest self-inquiry regarding the well-being of employees and all who are touched by the business including its environmental impact, the integrity of services provided and even the actual value of the business to humanity – if it is on some points detrimental or as a whole truly beneficial.

Living wholeness is the choices each person makes daily as they participate in the process of their own self-completion, and that we make together as a global community.

HubPages article – Our Vision for Humanity in Living Wholeness


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