Gary Smith

A wanderer from America, Gary Smith was born in 1953 and currently lives in Europe.   He is a freethinker who trusts in the mystery and wisdom of life and travels on the path of conscious evolution.

Gary is a mystery unfolding, defined by his principles, qualities and life experience which forge his evolving world view.

He is inspired by his life partner Kati Smith, the Persian poet known as Mevlani or Rumi, Lao Tzu and all who are touched by the beauty of creation and the incorruptible human spirit.

Kati Smith

After a spontaneous life-changing experience in the light of Wholeness, I changed my path.   It meant leaving man-made security and the comfort zone of the known for the experiential understanding of the subtle intelligence within me.

The longing to feel multi-dimensionally connected and alive had captured my heart.

The following years of travel and constant change led me to a life where intuition became recognized as the voice of my core.

Step by step I trusted life as a fluid process of consciousness unfolding. Letting go of all that encrusts that flow is the key to staying attuned.

The more I am able to give the gifts of stillness and non-judgment to myself and my surroundings, the more I am fulfilled with joy and creative-intelligence.

Life to me means conscious evolution and expression to inspire authenticity, the quality of natural excellence – the beautiful within every human being.

~ Kati Smith



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