Attuned to the Rhythm of Nature


Beating, beating is the drum,
pumping heart, rhythmic thrum.

Fingers dancing on the skin,
tapping into more within.

Singing life and energy,
drumming in the ecstasy

of oneness with the All, the Source
flowing on its endless course,

river dancing just to be
tumbling over rock to sea,

river joyful in its own,
bird from cage, the drummer’s flown.

~ Emanate Presence

Attuned to the Rhythm of Life


Hawaii O’ Hawaii : Your Island Jewels Fair

Hawaii O’ Hawaii : Your Island Jewels Fair

The sun-kissed, wave-washed volcanic island chain that rises from the ocean floor of the Pacific is the backdrop for an epic poem of Hawai’i. The poem is written in five segments. This video presents the first.

Love in the Greater Reality


Enter through the gate my friend,

you’re on a path without an end.

Oh, it has bends, a center too,

and in the center there is You.

So listen to the song of life,

away from all distress and strife

and sing the longing of your heart,

make whole yourself, and live your art.

The ‘You’ in this poem refers to the greater you.

‘In the center there is You’ is not self-centered,

but Self-centered.

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I See You


‘Avatar’ by James Cameron. Fair use.

‘Whatever shade of brown or blue,

beneath your skin my eyes see you.’

This is seeing clearly, seeing wholly.

It is looking beneath the surface of sensory input and realizing the greater existence.

Mostly people see only the surface and live there.

In the surface world, there is always wanting, always the fear of having not enough.

The ‘me’ wants. To experience the ‘Eye’ and see the greater reality, the ‘me’ must let go of all wanting, all attachments.

If you let go of the Who, where wanting originates, you feel so nourished by the What that the mechanics of the surface become a disturbance. In the What, there is the inner room.

The inner room of presence, of contentment, needs no adornments as it is complete. The inner room radiates presence and nourishes the mind and body.

So it can be said truly, where God is the whole of existence,

‘Let go and experience God.’

by Emanate Presence

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